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Cluster Statuses

Once a cluster has been launched it will be visible on the dashboard.

While nodes are being deployed by Gigapipe it will be in a “creating” status and flash amber. Once the cluster has finished deploying it will be in an “active” status, and becomes green if the process was successful.

List of status definitions:

Green (solid)
  • Active
    • The cluster has been successfully deployed and is available to ingest data and start the query works
Amber (Flashing)
  • Creating
    • Gigapipe is deploying your cluster. Nodes will be deployed asynchronously and flash amber until the cluster is ready
  • Stopping
    • The cluster is being deactivated but the disks will remain live. This means if at any point you wish to reactivate your cluster, you may do so at the click of a button and continue ingesting and querying data. All historical data will remain on the disks as it was at point of deactivation. (NOTE: a deactivated cluster is not charging you the usage fee, but you will continue to pay for the disks. To stop all charges, please delete your cluster: [/gigapipe/delete-cluster]
  • Updating
    • When adding nodes (shards or replicas) to your current cluster, it will deploy the new nodes automatically. It will then restart all existing nodes (one by one to eliminate any downtime) in order to recreate a quorum
    • When changing the ClickHouse version (up or down)
    • When adding a new disk
    • When expanding an existing disk
    • When changing machine type
  • Resuming
    • A stopped cluster is being reactivated. This will generally take a 3-5 minutes. All data previously held on the cluster (before stopping) will be queryable again
Red (solid and flashing)
  • Failed
    • If a cluster fails to deploy it will appear with a failed status. If you encounter an unexpected failed status please contact support on
  • Deleting (flashing)
    • While a cluster is being deleted by Gigapipe it will flash Red, it will be inaccessible anymore while flashing, and will be seen until it has been permanently deleted. Then it will be no longer visible on the dashboard
  • Stopped
    • The cluster has been temporarily deactivated and is no longer being charged. This means the disks and all the data contained within is still retained. You can reactivate the cluster at any time by clicking ‘reactivate’ within the cluster details page. NOTE: from the moment of reactivation of the cluster the system will continue charging you the usage fee.