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Updating your settings

On the settings page you can update both your personal account settings, and your organization settings (if you have permissions)


This is your personal user profile attached to your organization. Organisations can have multiple users.

Updatable fields:

  • Name
  • Last Name

Once updated, click on “Save the changes” button.


Please note that organization name cannot be changed automatically. You must request this from Gigapipe by sending e-mail to


By entering your current password, you may pick a new password (and confirm it). If you have ever forgotten your password you can reset your account password from here:

Once updated, click on “Save the password” button.

Delete account

Here you may delete your Gigapipe account.

You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete your account.

If you have an outstanding balance you will be presented with a final invoice you can pay by card.


To delete an account, you must first delete all clusters (even deactivated clusters must be deleted). Once your account has been permanently deleted, you cannot regain access to historical clusters.

Payment method

Here you can add your payment card details. The following fields are required:

City Address Phone number Country Card details

Once added or updated, click on “Save the credit card” button. Any card information will only be stored in Stripe. Gigapipe will never store sensitive financial information about you or your organisation.

You will be billed on the last day of every month based on your current monthly usage costs. You may request an invoice at any time sending the correspondent e-mail to Gigapipe at

You can update your payment card at any time.