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Gigapipe Gateway is our in-house, high-performance data streaming platform.

Gateway is much simpler than Apache Kafka and does not require any configuration.

To get started with Gateway:

Create a Gateway instance

  • In the Integrations page, click on the button New Gateway integration
  • In the form that opens:
    • Integration name A name to identify the integration
    • Provider The provider in which to deploy the Gateway app
    • Region The region in which to deploy the Gateway app

After submitting the form you'll be shown the application key, secret and hostname which you need to use when authenticating with Gateway. Store this information carefully as it will not be shown again. You can copy the details or download them as a JSON file.

Ingest data through Gateway

Assuming you've created a Gateway instance with the following information:

Cluster name: My Cluster
Application name: My Gateway
Provider: AWS
Region: Franfkurt (eu-central-1)
Key: XYZ
Secret: ABC

Send a POST request to the host provided in the previous step, for example with cURL:

curl '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'X-Application-Id: XYZ' \
-H 'X-Application-Secret: ABC' \
--data-raw '[{"column_name_1":"value for column 1","column_name_2":"value for column 2"}]'