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Gigapipe is a fully managed Big Data ecoysystem. It allows you to deploy a managed ClickHouse cluster, and connect a variety of optional integrations.

These integrations enable users leverage their data using software to solve specific tasks.


Some integrations can be deployed internally within Gigapipe (one click) and some can be connected to external applications.

Internal integrations

Internal integrations are deployed entirely by Gigapipe and within the Gigapipe ecosystem. Gigapipe will deploy, configure and connect the integration directly to your cluster/table. There is no additional work required outside of Gigapipe.

External integrations

External integrations are connectors that connect Gigapipe and your ClickHouse cluster directly to the external application. These applications require deployment before connecting to Gigapipe (eg: Kafka).

Currently available integrations

Integration namePurposeInternally/Externally deployed

External intergrations require the user to deploy the application themselves, and the connection wizard will connect them directly to Gigapipe