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Gigapipe is a platform for managed data services. It allows you to deploy applications provided directly by the vendors from one centrally connected hub.

These integrations enable users to leverage their data using software to solve specific data tasks.

All the integrations are deployed entirely by Gigapipe and within the Gigapipe ecosystem. These will still be provided by the provider and Gigapipe's API will create your account, users, and provision any resources you need directly via the integration partner, then display and control everything from the Gigapipe UI. These integrations typically have a richer functionality than connecting external integrations.

Currently available integrations

Integration namePurposeInternalBYO option
qryn cloudMetrics, logs & tracesYesSoon (storage)
GrafanaMetricsYesNo (but compatible)
hepic cloudMetrics, logs & tracesYesNo

BYO services may have more limited functionality and interopability depending on the service