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Gigapipe docs

Introduction on how to become a Gigapro

Gigapipe is a fully managed Big Data ecosystem built around a core offering of a fully managed ClickHouse service.

Gigapipe creates and maintains managed ClickHouse clusters in the cloud. It offers clients a sustainable solution for leveraging their Big Data with a comfortable interface, fast launch and ease of use.

The solution itself allows companies to run their own ClickHouse database without having to know how it works. Gigapipe transforms the open source ClickHouse to a ´managed version´ of ClickHouse, where the user doesn’t need to know how to deploy and configure it in order to use it.

To help with getting started Gigapipe offers two complimentary hours of consultancy if required (please contact to request a consultation), to advise clients what would be the most optimal setup for them based on their needs, data set and current/future requirements.

However if you’re getting started on your own, we’ve designed a quick start manual to help get you started in minutes.