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Gigapipe docs

Introduction on how to become a Gigapro

Gigapipe is a polyglot and correlated observability platform for managing all your different observability tools and systems.


There are a number of different observability tools available depending on your use case. qryn cloud for unifying logs, metrics and traces, and hepic cloud for analyzing RTC and Debugging VoIP Services

Once you’ve created your Gigapipe account, getting started with qryn cloud is quick and easy, if you’re using any of the compatible formats/agents, you can simply change the host and authenticate using basic auth, or your API key/secret provided by qryn:

qryn Cloud

Each available tool is supported by visualisation and analytics tools which can be enabled on the Gigapipe UI, and automatically integrated at the click of a button.

Every integration has its own pricing model however when deployed through Gigapipe you benefit from unified billing, estimations and control.

Gigapipe offers both fully managed cloud versions, as well as dedicated and BYOA options for data storage and observability.

If you have and account already and any questions please submit a ticket to