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When using Gigapipe in organization mode you are able to invite multiple users to your organization, and then to individual projects.

Projects are independent of one another and you can allocate specific users to specific projects.

Users can ONLY see and interact with projects they have been added to by the administrator of those projects.


Using Gigapipe in organization mode has a monthly fee of $249. However you can test organization mode using the free 30 day trial (no card required)

Multiple projects

Within an organization you may have multiple environments called 'projects'. For more information about projects please see projects.

Trial periods

Each integration comes with its own trial period. Trial periods are activated when a new integration is enabled.


Trial periods may only be used once PER ORAGANIZATION. If you enable an integration again in a second project, the trial period will not apply to this second integration.

Multiple organizations

Individual users may be invited to multiple organizations, however a user may only own ONE organization each.

To swap between organizations please use the user settings drop down in the top right.

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