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Gigapipe aims to deliver a unified pricing model to simplify cost forecasting when it comes to provisioning cloud resources to run your data infrastructure.


Each individual third party managed service has its own cost, however all costs go through Gigapipe so you will have one monthly unified bill

For access to the Gigapipe platform itself, the pricing model is very simple. Persoanl accounts (free forever) and Organization accounts (flat monthly fee).

TierNumber of integrationsNumber of usersMonthly feeTrial period
OrganizationUnlimitedUnlimited$24930 days

Managed services run by Gigapipe have their own fee based on usage, deployed infrastructure or users depending on the integration.

For an exact pricing calculator for each inidividual integration please visit the following pages:

IntegrationPricing informationTrial period
qryn CloudMetered: Pricing Calculator14 days
GrafanaPer user: $530 days
hepic CloudFlat rate based on data retention: Pricing10 days