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A project in Gigapipe is an independent enviornment in which you can deploy and use your integrations.

Every Gigapipe account can have multiple projects. Projects act independently of one another within the same organization. Any user may create their own projects and share them with other users within their Gigapipe enviornment.


If using Gigapipe in personal mode, you can still have multiple projects however you cannot invite other users to your account or projects

You can swap between projects, or create new ones with the drop down in the top left.

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Inviting additional users to your projects

When using Gigapipe in organization mode, you can invite additional users to your projects. These users must already be apart of your organization in order to add them to a project. By default a new project will ONLY be visible to the creator of that project.

To add a user to your project, please visit the project 'settings' page in the side nav, and invite.

Once invited to a project you'll be able to access everything within that project including:

  • Active integrations
  • Deployed resources
  • Connected applications
  • Other users in the same project


All projects within an organization will be billed to the billing account attached to that organization.


When switching to your Personal account, all integrations will be billed to your personal account, NOT your organization's billing account

Account wide integrations

Some integrations are 'account wide' which means you if you enable them in multiple projects, you will not be charged again for using them.


However some integrations are PROJECT SPECIFIC which means if you enable these integrations in another project (even within the same account) you will be charged again for them.

ClickHouseProject specificAdditional clusters will be charged at the standard rate
qryn CloudProject specificMetered usage so having in multiple projects will incur separate costs
hepic CloudProject specificFlat rate so having in multiple projects will incur separate costs
GrafanaAccount wideUsers added to your Grafana account will be live in all projects

Deleting a project

If you no longer require a specific project within your account and wish to delete it, please submit a request to