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Sign up to Gigapipe!

First stage is to register your account.

Gigapipe is available in two modes, Personal and Organization. Upon signing up you'll automatically create a Personal account from which you can then create and Organization.

You can sign up with email address/password, or by using your Google account.

Free trial

Gigapipe comes with a 30 day free trial (no card required) in organization mode, or you can continue using a personal account which is free forever! Every individual integration comes with its own free trial (starting from when the integration is enabled). The lengths of each free trial depends on the individual provider, though they generally range from 14 to 30 days. There are also 2 free hours of consultation available for new clients as we always love to hear about your use-cases!

Personal account

Personal accounts are designed for individuals working on a project by themselves, or engineers looking to trial Gigapipe and all its available integrations. Please note you can not invite other users to your personal account.

Organization account

Once you create your first organization, you'll be able to have multiple different projects within that organization as well as invite additional users to the account. Additional users are free however using Gigapipe in Organization mode does come with a monthly fee of $249. Organization mode has a free trial of 30 days (no card required!)

Billing account

Each Gigapipe account has its own billing account. Personal accounts are allocated a 'default' billing account. However in Organization mode you are able to have multiple billing accounts (in case you wished to have different payment methods for different projects). You can name each billing to easily identify which is responsible for which project.

To sign up to Gigapipe please click here:

Gigapipe free trials

You can sign up to the Gigapipe free trial with no credit card, and you are able to deploy on the default settings for most trials of each avaialble integration.


All accounts using free trials, without a payment method added, will in some cases be limited to default configurations or limits. To enable custom configurations and regions, you'll need to add a payment method (don't worry, you can still use the free trials!)

You will be periodically prompted to add your card details in the settings/organization section here:

You can then access your Gigapipe account here: