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Sign up to Gigapipe!

First stage is to register your account.

Gigapipe is accessible by creating an account with an email address. You can sign up with any email address or via your Google account.

Free trial

Each new account will automatically qualify for $600 of credit on us (no card required)! There are also 2 free hours of consultation available for new clients as we always love to hear about your use-cases.

To sign up to Gigapipe please click here:

Registering with an email address and password

When registering with an email address, the following fields are required to sign up to Gigapipe:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Organization
    • Once entered this cannot be changed directly. Please email to request an organization name change
  • Email
  • Password

The only step required after signing up is to verify the email and to login to your Gigapipe account at:

Registering with your Google account

To sign up to Giapipe with Google please click here:

When registering with with your Google account, the only required fields to sign up to Gigapipe is:

  • Organization name

Gigapipe free trial credits

You can sign up to the Gigapipe free trial with no credit card, and you are able to deploy on the default cluster configuration.


All accounts automatically qualify for $600 of free credit upon creation. To enable custom configurations and regions, you'll need to add a payment method (don't worry, you can still use the credits!)

Default cluster configuration

ProviderMachine typeNumber of nodesDiskRegion
AWSm5.large (2CPU, 8GiB RAM)3 shards, 1 replica150GB gp2us-east-1

You will be periodically prompted to add your card details in the settings/organization section here:

You can then access your Gigapipe account here: